Sony has a 50-year history of manufacturing data storage solutions and has spent over 10 years developing AIT technology. Solutions address PC, server and automated storage as well as storage media.

Sony StorStation AIT drives are available with native capacities from 20GB right through to 400GB (with a planned roadmap to 800GB) and have a wide range of interfaces including: USB/FireWire, SATA, ATAPI and SCSI - offering speed, flexibility and reliability and allowing easy connectivity and integration with the majority of market leading servers.

Sony’s media portfolio includes AIT and half-inch tape formats such as S-AIT, LTO and DLT, as well as optical discs like MO, DVD and CD – all meeting the same demanding standards for absolute performance and reliability.

Media - Optical

Media - Tape - AIT / SAIT

Media - Tape - DDS

Media - Tape - DLT / SDLT

Media - Tape - DTF

Media - Tape - LTO

Memory - Digital Media

Optical - DVD

Tape - AIT / SAIT Drives

Tape - DDS Drives

Tape Automation - AIT / SAIT Autoloaders

Tape Automation - AIT / SAIT Libraries

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