PROMISE Technology Inc. is a recognized global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of high-performance storage solutions tailor-made for the data center, surveillance, cloud, and rich media markets. Always striving to meet the unique demands of our customers, PROMISE has earned a reputation for developing innovative storage solutions for vertical markets which deliver practical answers to the business challenges facing large enterprises, small to medium businesses, creative professionals, security integrators and many more.

PROMISE is focused on opening up new data storage markets, redefining storage possibilities and seeking opportunities for integrated development that has kept us at the forefront of our industry and led us to form strategic alliances with leading storage related companies worldwide. It’s this focus that has made PROMISE the preferred storage solution provider for the world’s top brand companies to sell our technology and products through their vertical markets and channels.

At the heart of PROMISE’s storage solutions is the commitment to provide customer-oriented solutions with the best cost/performance in the industry. Our commitment to providing cost-effective quality, reliability and support ensures that users around the world know that their data is safe, continuously available and open to multiple applications, including data center test and production, video surveillance, post production and so much more. This has led many of the world’s top companies to rely on PROMISE for their data’s safety and security. This means the next time you visit your bank, watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or catch a flight for your business trip, PROMISE’s storage solutions were there working hard behind the scenes to make your life easier.

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