Mast Storage , specialist in data storage solutions, offers the widest range of Tape Backup Technologies in the market. The company started operating in 1998 and has now gone one step further in the backup sector by launching the MAST Backup Online remote backup service.

Mast offers the specialization and knowledge in tape backup plus exceptionally reliable hardware provided by manufacturing partners.
Mast range of Tape Backup Technologies includes: AIT, DAT, DLT VS, SDLT, LTO and Superloaders & Libraries.

This makes MAST the most complete brand in the market. Solutions that go from the entry level up to high-end products such as automated backup devices that can copy several Terabytes of information.
Mast has distributors in 19 European and Middle-East countries and collaborates with important European integrators.

The main objective for Mast Storage is to achieve better efficiency in the commercialisation of its products range as well as higher level of customer satisfaction.
Mast Storage, specialist in value added storage solutions.

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