Since its founding in 1993, Infortrend has been delivering storage technology innovation and performance to customers worldwide with acclaimed quality and flexibility combined with superior value.

Based in New Taipei City and trading as Public TPE: 2495, Infortrend stands as one of the few fully integrated technology firms in the world completely dedicated to storage as well as related software and services.

Infortrend technology has become a staple in a variety of industries and sectors, including media and broadcast, research, online gaming, and content hosting. We research, design, and manufacture our products inhouse with complete control over the entire process, leveraging leading expertise in engineering, industrial design, and production.

As a result, Infortrend storage solutions offer superior long term reliability and peace of mind for businesses, enterprises, and organizations of all sizes, which require uninterrupted access to vital data.
We design products for enduring real world service, with each offering long term dependability you can rely on, free from worries to better center on the applications that matter.

Infortrend constantly develops new features to make enterprise-class storage more accessible. For example, we are pioneering storage tiering event messages on EonStor DS 3000, making a previously very technical capability effortless to the widest customer base possible.
Our core brands include the ESVA, EonStor DS and EonNAS product families.

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