Solving the I/O bottle neck was the foundation upon which Adaptec was built. Today, with PMC's market-leading, multi-core Raid-on-Chip (ROC) fully integrated into our RAID adapters and HBAs, we continue to add to our heritage through the Adaptec Data Conditioning Platform.

Reflecting more than three decades of hands-on storage I/O innovation, feedback from our global installed customer base, and the hardened expertise of our world-class ASIC and software development teams, The Adaptec Data Conditioning Platform includes industry-first silicon, software, and I/O subsystems that:

Maximize performance | The highest-performing hardware which supports maximum bandwidth, highest I/O performance and minimizes latency coupled with the ability to route, optimize, and protect data as it moves through the data path.

Reduce capital expenses | High-density high-port count RAID adapters improve server and storage utilization at the maximum I/O performance to reduce the need for multiple adapters per system.

Reduce operating expenses | Existing server and storage systems are more effectively managed, lowering power and maintenance costs, as well as physical space requirements.

Achieve "Green IT" objectives | Minimizing the number of storage devices reduces direct system power and cooling power requirements throughout the data center.

Adaptec Data Conditioning Platform solutions are application-agnostic and offer seamless compatibility with existing storage architectures, application software and operating systems. Plus, they can be centrally managed through the storage management software.

Recent examples of our data conditioning innovations include the Adaptec maxCache SSD Cache Performance Solution, Adaptec Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection, and Adaptec Hybrid RAID.

With 30 years of excellence behind us, we eagerly maintain a firm commitment to delivering business value by developing game-changing storage solutions that will define I/O innovation for the next 30 years and beyond.

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